sébastien pesot

sébastien pesot is a canadian new media artist, president of the
board of administration of the art center sporobole, director the
new media festival espace[im]media and lecturer for communication
and visual art at the university of sherbrooke (canada).

www.sebastienpesot.com . www.camestrie.net
www.sporobole.org . www.espaceimmedia.org

download: sébastien pesot portfolio 2010 [pdf]

biography and artist’s statement

born in rimouski (québec, canada) in 1971, sébastien pesot
completed a bachelor’s degree in art history at the université
de montréal in 1996 and a master’s degree at the école des arts
visuels de montréal (uqam), in 2000. he presently resides in the
eastern townships, where he teaches at the université de sherbrooke.
after a decade as a drummer in various punk rock bands, pesot
produced several experimental videos which have been screened in
twenty different countries at festivals and events including the
3rd, 4th and 5th manifestation internationale vidéo et art
électronique (montreal), fifa (montreal), wro 01 and 03, the
media arts biennial (poland) and chroma (mexico), where he
was the recipient of the audience award for best video.
since then he has mainly been producing audio-video installations,
while continuing to work on performance art and computer graphics.
his solo work has been featured at slash-tmp in berlin (2010),
au lieu in quebec city (2009) and the côte-des-neiges cultural center
in montreal (2008).

his artistic approach has evolved immensely over the last
few years and the present computer graphics project represents a
critical stage in this transformation. in his early work, he
was mostly concerned with the plasticity of the video graphic
image, the possibilities of deconstruction and reconstruction of
the video image. his interest lay in an abstraction and
formalism similar to that found in painting, together with a
certain level of social commitment. his work in video
installations and as a musical and performing artist has
led him to move beyond the framework of the screen. he began
to explore two new approaches in his creative work: an interest
in performance and self-representation, and the extension of his
video creations throughout physical space. this interest in the
material and corporal aspects of his work led inevitably to the
desire to extract the image from the screen and re-inject it into
the material world, thereby initiating certain relationships
between the virtual image and the physical environment.

danye brochu and sébastien pesot form scalène, a duo
of performance artists. scalene refers to a triangle that
has no equal sides, no equal angles, and no axis of symmetry.
the scalène project defines itself as the meeting between the two
artists and the object of their creation. their exploration and
research can also refer to the meeting between three approaches:
theater, performance and media art.


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