/ tmp . a project of adhoc.slash-tmp

. ad hoc [lat.] for that moment and
given situation. for this purpose.
. slash [punct.] "/" directory
. tmp [abbr.] temporary [engl.]

since 2006 adhoc.slash-tmp is running changing art and culturespaces
in berlin (germany). "tmp" stands for the temporary use, for the
intervention and the experimental character of the projects -
for that moment, in which art is bursting up the frameworks
and crystallizing there where it isn't expected: in a 1000 sqm
cellar vault, on the street, in a two floor exhibition hall
or in a gastronomic establishment.

tmp-projects are pleomorphic, take root and develop in different
contexts and constellations. they are implanted in unusual places,
radically disrupting with expectations about art appreciation,
art production or art market.

since 2010 /tmp is organising a residence project in berlin-
kreuzberg to give foreign artists a space to realise their
projects and to expand the artist network in other countries.

in the last years, more than 400 artists where involved in projects
of adhoc.slash-tmp, lead by nina korolewski (project manager)
and mathieu dagorn (artistic director, curator).

projectspace: www.slash-tmp.de
project: www.adhoc.slash-tmp.de


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