sébastien pesot: feu forêt
video installation & digital prints

vernissage: 23th july 2010 . 7 pm*
finissage: 31th july 2010 . 7 pm*

*with performance 'inbox' by scalène
performance-video: vimeo.com/13667213

/tmp.studio . fichtestr. 3 . 10967 berlin (germany)
visit by appointment: +49 (0)151 269 759 26
duration of the exhibition: 24th - 31th july 2010

download: sébastien pesot portfolio 2010 [pdf]
download: feu forêt - flyer [pdf]

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feu forêt (a word play, in french, between "forest fire" and
"will-o'- wisp") here plays with the notion of fire using four
different means: a video installation, a large-scale computer
graphic, and two mixed-media pieces.

the installation comprises a projection on which the viewer is
invited to witness the burning of a perfectly symmetrical tree:
a christmas tree, to be precise. this absurd and somewhat sad
spectacle serves as an archetypal representation of duration:
that lighting a flame leads inevitably to its extinction. the
computer graphic is an extension of the video installation, a
large-scale image incorporating flames and fire motifs based on
photographs taken during the shoot. the processing of the
original photographs uses fire and light as patterns that can
lead to abstraction. the first mixed media piece consists of a
wooden board onto which ten small lcd screens are integrated..
ten holes have been perforated in the plywood in order to show
videos which display a single fir tree burning. their gleam and
their sparks give them an air of bright christmas ornaments. the
second mixed media piece consists of a collage of multiple
computer graphics which, once assembled, form a mosaic of 120
centimeters by 180, inside which is cut the shape of a fir tree.
the mosaic is affixed on a board of plywood.

one of the most interesting problematics addressed by this project
relates to the various temporal relationships that stem from the
interaction of these images with their videographic counterparts.
the flame and the act of burning are by the very essence temporal
events, of limited duration and in constant flux. these same
characteristics are found in the video image. the photographic
image, on the other hand, while referring back to the notion of
temporality, does so by freezing the time consumed.